Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tiavoo Dating?
Tiavoo Dating is a well-disciplined dating platform that gives the opportunity to meet new people with dating idea on their mind and, at the same time, places emphasis on trust and confidentiality.  

How does Tiavoo Dating work?
There is no membership in Tiavoo Dating. Profile creation and profile review are available. Tiavoo Dating gives an opportunity to its users to create a profile free of charge and review the published profiles free of charge. In order to create a profile, it is enough to have an e-mail address you use regularly. Through Tiavoo Dating, female and male candidates can create a free profile. All proper profiles are confirmed free of charge. All confirmed profiles are published in a way open to visitors.

How can I create a profile in Tiavoo Dating?
Through the page of ''Create a Profile'' in Tiavoo Dating, you can start creating a profile by entering the requested information into the system. After filling up the information requested from you, you need to click on send button. Afterwards, a confirmation link will come to your e-mail address. You need to confirm your profile by clicking on the confirmation link. After it passes the review phase that will be carried out by our editors, your profile will be published in a way open to visitors if it is found suitable.

How should I create my profile?
Creating a profile in Tiavoo Dating is very simple and easy. Don't forget, this is a dating platform. Therefore, we advise you to express yourself in the most comfortable and unique way.

My profile was published, how will they reach me?
If the persons who review your profile want to get in contact with you via message, you can follow the messages of the people who sent message to you from the e-mail address you used in your profile information.
Now all you have to do is sit back and monitor your e-mail box.

How can I change or delete my profile information?
You can edit and delete your profile at any time, from the profile link posted by you to the e-mail address you used when you created "Profile". Tiavoo Dating is not responsible for deleting the profile, it is the person responsible for creating the profile deletion is responsible, it is recommended that you add your profile link to the favorite pages of your internet browser so that you can delete the profile
If you lost the delete link?
With the e-mail address in the profile, Just let us know at, or find your profile on our site, you can request a ''Profile editing link request'' link at the bottom of your profile page

How can I reach the candidates who have profiles?
Tiavoo Dating is the first and only best user friendly and free dating site. You don't even need a membership to reach the candidates, you can send a free message to anyone you want without being a member.

Why should I trust Tiavoo Dating?
Tiavoo Dating a dating platform consisting of real persons completely. It gives free service to its users. The profiles in Tiavoo Dating are reviewed by our editors meticulously and take our editor's confirmation. We definitely do not confirm every profile.

For any questions you may have about Tiavoo Dating or any question you think should be answered
You can always write to our contact page or to

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